1. Iran Bearing & Bushing Company (IBBC) is one of the subsidiaries of Farzanegan Industrial Group . it was established in 1997 on an area of 30000 square meters nearby the city of Takestan (Qazvin Province) with the aim of supplying parts for local automotive industry requirements .IBBC enjoys experienced personnel , well equipped laboratories and automatic production lines. IBBC produces different range of bearings , bushings and thrust washers under the license of MIBA Austria . IBBC’s electroplating facility used for coating final layers on the manufactured bearings is one of the most advanced and modern machines .At the present time , IBBC is know as the main manufacturer in the Middle East and supplies automotive company production lines (OE ) and spare parts ( AM ) for domestic market and exporting products to the Middle East as well.

    IBBC as the pioneer company in designing , manufacturing & sales of different range of bearings , flange bearings , thrust washers and bushes for various engines (diesel and gasoline ) is well known in Middle East under the global quality standards .


Our Products


Calibration Lab :

- Micrometer calibration

(internal and external measuring devices with single probe or triple head)

- Digital depth meter calibration

- Indicators calibration

Chemical Lab :

- Measuring of metallic elements by atomic absorption spectroscopy

- Measuring of anions by photometer

- Titrimetric method for measuring components

Metallurgy Lab :

- Metallographic of ferrous and non-ferrous samples

- Micro hardness

- Hardness test

- Destructive and non-destructive layer thickness measurement

- Surface roughness measurement

- Adjacent layer bonding evaluation

- Plated layer thickness measurement